So They Say, Collected Stories

So They Say Collected Stories

So They Say follows southern-born Rex Fordham on a five-decades-long journey across America, to Europe, and back again.  The product of 1950s conformism and self-repression, perennially bulky and awkward as a child and adolescent, Rex sheds a burdensome past to become a successful architect, husband and father; but the same unbendable laws of human attraction that plagued his youth torment him as an adult.  When a same-sex affair and an unspeakable loss destroy his marriage, Rex must abandon his search for place and personhood or change course.  Post divorce life in San Francisco—where Rex finds hope and passion in the person of entrepreneur Rand Osmond—offers a chance for happiness; but will Rex’s fear of failure and lingering feelings of unworthiness derail his chances for self-acceptance and love—especially when loss once again comes calling?

Available at Here (paperback) or Here (e-book).


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