SEASON Of TR$EASON (A One-Hundred Word Story)

by Jack A. Urquhart ©2011

It had to stop, he’d thought in acting: the humiliating front-yard proselytizing.

“JESUS is the REASON for the SEASON,” the placard read—his wife’s latest proclamation of faith emblazoned in Yuletide colors.

“This all started when we lost our boy,” he tried to explain, stung when she turned away.  “It doesn’t help.”

Surely his revision made that clear.

“Speak for yourself!” she cried, cold as Christmas Eve.  “You’ll have to leave, now,” she said, still contemplating his TR$EASON.  “There’s no faith between us anymore.”

Struck through, he caught his breath.  “Yes, I believe you’re right,” he replied

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